A haven of peace in the bustling Medina

The Fez Medina is a wonderful place to explore; a sensory delight, with culture, history and mystery awaiting you at every corner. At the end of the day, the ancient carved door of Dar Fes Medina welcomes you home to a haven of tranquility. The traditional courtyard and atrium at the heart of the house will provide you with the perfect setting for reflecting on your day or simply sitting and sipping delicious mint tea beside the beautiful fountain.

With easy access through the Bab Ziat, you can be dropped off at the door of our Dar. Located a short distance from the souks and a 10 minute walk from the other major gates, Dar Fes Medina has 10 rooms all equipped with air-conditioners, bathrooms, and top quality beds.

Fountain in the Dar

Morocco Tradition

“Dar Fes Medina – a jewel in the Fes Medina”

Staying at Dar Fez Medina is an enchanting and surprisingly affordable experience. This jewel at the heart of the ancient Medina of Fez is situated in Ziat, one of the oldest residential neighbourhoods of the Medina. Dar Fez Medina is a traditional Moroccan house and offers ten beautifully appointed rooms which blend the old and the new in a tasteful manner. Incorporated into the traditional architecture, with its carved plaster, cedar woodwork and zellij tiles.

“The Dar Fes Medina is the perfect blend of tradition and comfort at a reasonable price.”