3 Lot Benjelloun,Ziat, Fes Medina, Morocco

About Us

Riad Dar Fes Medina

Morocco, called “a cold country with a hot sun”, and it is a cradle of multiple civilizations and dynasties of Phoenicians, Romans, Al-Moravids, Al-Mohad, Marinid, Wattasid and more…

Morocco Tourism

Due to its richness in diverse cities, historical sites, and cuisine, Morocco evolved throughout the time and has become an excellent touristic destination.

In 2014 tourist arrivals in Morocco increased to 8,2 million, ranking as one of the World’s most popular 10 tourism destinations.

And as a part of the government’s 2020 vision plan which aims to polarize more than 20 million tourists by 2020, we decided to share our previous experience in the field with our future travelers and provide them the best hosting in Morocco.

Briefly Who We Are

We Family Bouzidi; the owners of the Riad  have been working in hosting for many years.

We established a reputation for excellence, and we are largely known for our commitment to quality, comfort and authenticity.

All of our services are high quality, comfortable and tailored to our guests’ needs.


Riad Dar Fes Medina sets in a lively yet calm area in the fabled Old Medina near to the magnificent “Palais Glaoui” and the mythical “Dar Mokri”, and within few minutes of the Medieval city’s most imposing attractions.

 It was built in 2008; most local skillful craftsmen have banded together to give us such a vivid masterpiece with a special atmosphere of intimacy, far from a normal guest house.

The Guesthouse features easy access, Moorish decor, and luxurious furnishings..

The patio of the Riad is a tiled courtyard with tables and opens to a Moroccan salon with a book shelf offering a unique space for reading and exchange between friends, its Facades  are clad in wood and carved plaster, while the ceilings of corridors are painted wood with Arabo-Andalusian design

The spacious terrace is waiting to give you the rhythm of the old Medina of Fez as you eat or just enjoy the peace of the Medina’s ancient buildings and the magical view of the “Borj North” in front of you.

Our Keys to Success:

Excellence in fulfilling the promise
Timely response to customers’ requests