3 Lot Benjelloun,Ziat, Fes Medina, Morocco

Fez to the Middle Atlas Mountains

The trip leaves Fez at around 10am, and for approximately 30min of breathtaking scenery along the road we arrive in “Imouzzer” the first station in our trip.

This fairly compact Berber town; and like the other destinations in our journey, stands at a high altitude what explains the cold weather here, so for this reason we suggest you to dress warmly and be well equipped.

We will start with a short but eventful circuit through the European-style houses, as well as strolling down the small crowded souk where many local products to be found; as honey, almonds, traditional Berber jewelry and of course the famous Argan oil is not to be missed.

Afterward, we will drive for some 3Km from the town center to see cascades and discover several lakes that were said to be shaped due to some volcanic activities in the early ages, the surrounding  areas is deemed a haven for hikers and biking enthusiast.

From Imouzzer, the road takes us to the small Switzerland of Morocco, Ifran, the name means Caves in the Amazigh language and it may refers to the several caves that are found in this place.

Ifran boasts many unique natural features what make it internationally popular and highly recommended; especially for those wishing to escape the large cities hustle and heat, as well as skiers and snowboarders who find the town’s surroundings a veritable resort to practice their favorite sports.

In this part of our trip you will have the opportunity to see the famous university of Al-khawayne at the entrance to the city, and from there to the downtown or the town center where many open gardens and fountains are found, as well as the infamous lion sculpture that was carved by a German soldier during the World War II.

Before arriving in Azrou; the last destination of our excursion, we will have a stop at the foot Cedar Goureau, where you will enjoy an exciting walk through this forest trees and if you are lucky you may see some Barbary macaques and possibly feed them.

The most prominent attraction, other than the mere charm of this lively town is being the home of a wide variety of artisanal handicrafts especially its unique woven rugs and carpet.

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